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Harley Street 500/750: What will sales be like?

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    Votes: 2 20.0%
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Harley Street 500/750: What will sales be like?

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Which of the two do you think will sell better overall globally?
Street 500? or Street 750?
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750 for sure
Yeah thats what I thought, being on this forum for a while it seems like a lot of people would rather get the 750. So far the poll above shows this.
Well isnt the 750 being introduced first in markets outside of north america? I don't know I think the 500 could give the 750 a run for its money considering the cheaper entry cost and cheaper insurance rates over the life time of the bike...

Especially if the Street 500 and 750 tickle the right consumer feelings like Harley expects they will I think the 500 could see great success in onboarding new Harley clientele...
I am going to have to say the HD street 750 will most likely be more dominant than the 500 in terms of sales. Even just looking at the interests on this forum alone the 750 is getting all the love. Slightly more power and heavier when compared to the street 500. Well that is what seems to be the concerns as of now.
I would actually say the 500 due to fleet sales for training courses.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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