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I'm at my second crossroad with what to do about handlebars. My preference is the two piece clip on type to allow for adjustment or replacement. The OEM dragbar was more preferred over the over-risen Street models, but I don't travel too far with my bike where the more aggressive riding position is a problem. Currently, my ride has Bitwell Maynard handlebars with about 1.5"-2" rise and more narrow (See link below - Closeout item now only $60). The installation of those handlebars required a slight bit of bending to the brake line to squeeze them in there, so I probably should've held off on that modification (where's Captain Hindsight when you need him? LOL). With either of the handlebars the throttle cable plastic shielding failed prematurely, but it probably lasted much longer with the OEM handlebars. I may try inverting the Clubman handlebars (i.e. turning them partially upsidedown), but I don't see them on the Bitwell website in 7/8" (See below for the 1" size). The option of trying out 43mm clip ons would likely require moving the front fork turn signals and headlight to a new position or modifying bracket parts to make it happen. In addition, if I went that route, I'd likely go with a Street fairing or some kind of other Cafe type fairing.

Any comments, criticism or suggestions would be appreciated (No worries, I've got thick skin for those that want to take a jab at me.... I really miss the Buell days back when they were using American motors, so have at it). God bless and keep the rubber side down :).

Biltwell Maynard Handlebars 7/8" - Black – Biltwell Inc. ($60)

Biltwell Clubman Handlebars 1" - Black – Biltwell Inc. ($90)
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