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Hello Bros, Greetings from Kerala, India

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HI brothers,

My self Kiran GK from Mavelikara, Kerala..Like each one of you guys i too have great passion and love for motor bikes...own few of them, the most loved being Yamaha RD350 and my Royal Enfield from the 50s.

Was so excited when i heard Harley is gonna introduce new 750cc V Twins at affordable price and was one amongst the first guys to book it. Like any one of you from India I will also have to wait till June to get hold of the street..

Read there are 3 different colour options offered viz Denim black, Vivid Black and Fire red.. Searched the web for long time to see the fire red version of it, but disappointed.. If anyone gets a pik of the same or have an idea of how that colour will look like please share it to me as well.
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No idea how that red will look, all i've seen were pictures of the black HD Street.
What other colors would you want?
Hey @zerogravity010 welcome to the forum!

Could you find pictures of the other two colors? I know that one of them must be the color that's in most of the pictures. I'm just wondering what the difference is between the two black shades.

What color did you end up ordering?
welcome to the forum

i dont think they did a great job with the red. but thats just me
i think red looks cool , just don't think it's a color i'd go with. I dont think many others would

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@zerogravity010 ,hey hi welcome to forums can plz post pics of your current RD 350 and antique RE bike ...

thank you
Thanks all for the welcome...I saw the colours..didn't like the red though...so booked denim black. To me it looks better than the vivid glossy black..
Ya Santhosh brother I will post the RD and RE piks..Gimme some time..Im out of station now
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Welcome to the forum and keep us posted with any Street 750 update :)
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