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I picked up a used street 500 this past weekend and am enjoying it. I love the motor and transmission – both are so smooth. The bike handles quite well and the only problem is I feel very cramped on it.

I am hoping to do some mods that will give me some more room. Looking forward to lots of happy miles on this bike.


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Welcome to the HD Street Forum David. As you will learn I'm the co-owner of Stone Free Manufacturing and we're developing products that will allow riders to "stretch out" a bit more. Our focus is on forward foot controls to stretch out our legs and mini-ape hangers to stretch out our arms. Like you, on my 750, I felt a little cramped with the stock handle bars and mid-controls that sort of bunched me up more than I personally like. It isn't that the motorcycle isn't large enough but it can feel a bit cramped.

We're probably a couple of months away from bringing the mini-ape hanger handle bars (12" rise) and the forward (billet) foot controls to market but they are in the pipeline.

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