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Hello from Austin,TX!

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Hey y’all.
Names Jay, located in Austin,TX.

Looking forward to learning and meeting some of y’all.

Here’s my current Street
Land vehicle Fuel tank Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive lighting

Photograph Tire White Automotive lighting Automotive tire

Tire Wheel Helmet Automotive lighting Automotive tire

Personally thinking of removing the crash bars and would love to possibly get a new sissy bar
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Hi Jay, nice looking seat. Greetings from Africa.
Thanks! It is from Tuffside, they make great products.

Nice pictures! Welcome to the forum!
Glad to be here! Ended up removing the crash bars today and dig the sleeker look of it.

Wheel Tire Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive lighting
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Welcome from the Texas Hill Country, Bandera. If ever riding down this way let me know.
Will absolutely keep that in mind!

Yes, I like the seat too, is it good for long journeys?
you have nice pics here...
I’ve sat on it for a bit recently and it feels great, they have additional padding and I would be comfortable to say it’s definitely better than stock.
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