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Hello from Australia

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I'm from Sydney,Australia. Just put my deposit down on a new street 500.

Now for the long wait till they are released here in January 2015.:(
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congrats on the preorder! yea the wait is going to be a painful one.
Theres some fun twisty roads on Sydneys outskirts.

Much better riding in country areas Where I plan to do most of my riding) because Sydneys roads are badly congested 7 days a week & we have some of the worlds worst drivers.

Generally speaking, our roads are poorly maintained & rough (apart from
the congested motorways known in Sydney as "mobile car parks")
i think many parts of the world have become like this.

the only place i'd say that is congested and the drivers are actually pretty good drivers and the roads are perfect is japan
they got it good there in terms of roads... apart from the congestion.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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