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Hello from Australia

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I'm from Sydney,Australia. Just put my deposit down on a new street 500.

Now for the long wait till they are released here in January 2015.:(
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We have learner rider laws here that restrict you from riding anything bigger than 660cc for your first 15 months (3 months minimum learner permit followed by minimum 12 months on provisional license) so the 500 is the only Harley I can legally ride as a beginner unless I can find a 350cc Sprint & they are VERY scarce here.

Apparently HD Australia will not be releasing the 750 here anyway, this may be because the 883 range is already well established for those who are on their full unrestricted license.

Im hoping that if enough people put deposits down HD might bring some in a few months early.
Theres some fun twisty roads on Sydneys outskirts.

Much better riding in country areas Where I plan to do most of my riding) because Sydneys roads are badly congested 7 days a week & we have some of the worlds worst drivers.

Generally speaking, our roads are poorly maintained & rough (apart from
the congested motorways known in Sydney as "mobile car parks")
Yeah, there are large deep "potholes" as they are known here all over the place, especially after periods of wet weather.

They are generally filled in with ashphalt on main routes fairly quickly but on side roads & general back streets of suburbia the holes can stay unrepaired for a long time.

Its Australia, you get used to dodging them. Some of the ones on my route home from work have been there so long that I know exactly where they are & have a set "route" around the holes that I just seem to do on auto pilot.

Some of the ones on country roads that people are not familiar with can really catch you off guard if you are not concentrating. I've hit a few at night doing the occasional interstate trip & bottomed the suspension on my car. Some of them have left me wondering how I did not destroy an alloy rim.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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