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**** from central Pennsylvania,

This is technically my second post since I replied to another thread already. I just purchased my 2015 Mysterious Red XG750 a few weeks ago that had the unfortunate fuel pump issue pop up on it thanks to an owner who wanted to ride his new toy down to under a gallon.
I've been riding since 1998 and have owned several bikes. This is a big change for me though. I traded a 2011 Victory Vision Tour with only 4000 miles on it for this for many reason. Not the least of which was that I just didn't put miles on that beast. I got very lucky and managed to win that Victory back in 2011 when I was unemployed. Now it's helped me out a second time and moved me over to something smaller and more maneuverable. I'm going to miss its toys though. Four speaker stereo, ABS, cruise control, heated seats, heated hand grips, so much more. But you couldn't just take it for a ride around the block. It was always a chore to just move the thing. Where this is a toy.


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