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Hello from Sunny/Snowy Colorado

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Bought my Red 750 2 weeks ago when temp was 21 degrees, but up to 65 today. Have only put on 29 miles so far due to weather. Probably made the purchase at a strange time for Colorado, but kind of wanted the cachet of buying the 2015 in first year of availability.
I am a "new" (30 years off) "old" rider. Rode up to 26 years of age on weekends, holidays.
Was always a fan of classic motorcycle styling and so to be honest was not considering HD and its heavy cruiser heavy line up (did I say heavy twice?-yes) But changed my mind I stopped in a local dealer and found the Street bikes. And I think I am going to like the black look, actually started customizing with the chrome rack, but changing it out for the black. I plan to ride more than spend time cleaning chrome and will save tinsel for the christmas tree.
I am excited to get lots of use of my new bike in the spring with commuting and our wonderful mountain rides.
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Western slope here. Welcome.
Welcome to the forum. You will have wonderful riding next spring and summer and might even sneak in some riding this winter... just dress warm. LOL
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