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My face shield on my spring / summer helmet (full face and modulator in winter) was getting scratched up and bought new ones. When I ride home from work I'm driving west for about 10 miles and the sun is right in my eyes. Yes, my helmet has drop down sun shield but that sun is still brutal. I've used window tint on top of shields for years but made some photos of the steps.

Getting stuff together.


To measure how far down I want the tint, I put helmet on, use a long piece of painter's tape to simulate where tint will be, put a small piece of tape to mark bottom of tint, cut larger than needed piece of tint, spray water on shield, apply tint with straight edge at bottom, extra tint sticking up, use soft towel to get rid of air bubbles by rubbing tint, let sit for a while, use blade to trim off extra tint. Done, nice and smooth and looks pretty good, works great.






Both shields done. Showing all items used except tint.

All done, time to ride.

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