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Today when taking a short jaunt to an area lake we noticed a huge storm front rolling in when we got to our destination. On the way there we had taken the back roads (scenic route), deciding it best to just haul-azz and get back home we hit the interstate to try and out run the storm. We made it back (dry) and with-in 3 minutes of arriving home the bottom fell out of the sky.
But here is the question. How fast have you had your machine? When the road was clear and there was no traffic I opened my machine up twice. Once I had it at about 95 and had to back off due to us approaching a few tractor trailers up ahead. The last opportunity I had with clear straight highway I hit 107 and had to back off for the same reason. I have no idea how fast that 750 will go but I'm not sure I want to find out. I will say this, it was still gaining speed and I have no doubt it will easily and firmly bury that speedometer hand.
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