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You'll be happy to know that it's easy to install a center stand on your XG.

You will need:

  • Loc-tite (I used blue)
  • 1/4" drive ratchet with 1/4" socket (or ratchet adapter) with 6mm Allen key (hex) bit in it
  • 6mm Allen key (might come in handy, but you might not even need it if you don't have one)
  • 10mm socket wrench (open end wrench will also work)
  • Flexible magnetic probe (handy for retrieving any tools or parts that you might drop)
  • Note: I had a hex bit set that came with an adapter for putting the bits on a 1/4" drive ratchet handle. The adapter is essentially a 1/4" socket. The difference is that the bit won't fall out of the adapter, but it will fall out of a socket.

  • Remove the lower drive belt cover with your 10mm wrench
  • Put a towel or rag under your bike and put your center stand on it. It's easier to slide the stand in from the left. The towel is to prevent the stand from getting scratched and to prevent parts from falling into dirt.
  • Put Loc-Tite on one of the bolts
  • Starting on the right side of the bike (because there is more room to get your hands in on that side), lift the center stand into position and start the bolt with your hands. Once you catch the threads, you can use your ratchet to tighten it.Your standard Allen key might come in handy if the bolt is too loose for the ratchet to work. You can push down on the center stand legs to make more clearance for your wrench. Do not tighten the bolt all the way. You will need to be able to wiggle the stand around to line up the bolt on the other side.
  • Put Loc-Tite on the other bolt
  • Line this bolt up with your hands as well and catch the threads
  • Once again you can now use your Allen key and/or ratchet to tighten the bolt
  • Get both bolts snug
  • Put the bike on the center stand. The diameter of the holes is bigger than that of the bolts. Putting the bike on the stand will push the stand up all the way.
  • Final tighten both bolts. Remember not to use a jerking motion because it might be possible to knock the bike over or off the stand.
  • Replace the drive belt cover. It will be easy to do this while the bike is on the center stand. If the bike is not on the stand, the stand will get in the way.
  • Drop the bike down off the stand and go for a ride. :D
Good luck and enjoy your new center stand!

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Just installed the center stand. Thanks for these tips, there were definitely some things that were described better here than in the instructions.

It's certainly a more tedious job than the center stand's instructions makes you think you're in for, mainly in getting at the screws to tighten them. happydaze's suggestion to remove the lower drive belt cover is spot-on, it makes accessing the left bolt infinitely easier.

Definitely do as he says and only partially tighten the bolt on the right side, so you can move the stand into position when installing the left bolt.

Also, definitely do as he says and put the bike up on the stand before doing a final tightening of the bolts. The holes in the bike that the bolts go through are somewhat elliptical and you want the weight of the bike resting on the stand so that it's in its final position before tightening the bolts fully.
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