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I got a call from Milwaukee

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I have received two calls from Harley Davidson in Milwaukee. The first one, the guy want to know if my dealer had told me that accessories that I purchased were covered by the warranty. He also asked how I liked the bike.

Yesterday I got another call, the gal wanted me to do an over the phone survey. Asking such things as was this my first HD, how did I like the bike, what did I plan to change to make it my own. What did I think about the sound. I laugh at that question.:laugh: You know the sort of questions. I did tell her that the mirrors were a safety issue and that I have had to modify mine.

Have any of you all been getting all these phone calls:|
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Wow that sucks, there must me something that gives us the option of opting out of stuff like this. It's like they're selling our information to companies that want to promote offers.
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