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If not now, when?

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I'm retired, in my sixties and just starting to ride. I have always been interested in motorcycles, especially older bikes and Cafe Racers. It was probably a combination of watching the TV shows like "What's in the Barn?" and "Cafe Racer" and the encouragement of several friends who have been long-time riders that prompted me to learn to ride.

I took the Rider's Edge Course on the Street 500 at a Harley Davidson dealer in the Chicago suburbs this fall. I decided that if I enjoyed the class I would try to get my motorcycle license. Then maybe I would consider renting a bike for a few rides or maybe buy an older, used bike like a Sportster 883.

This week I purchased a Street 750. I looked at a number of makes and couldn't find anything that I liked as well as Harley-Davidsons. When I went to the dealer to test ride several 883's they had a new Street 750 out with them so that I could compare them back-to-back. The Sportster is great, very visceral. But I liked the handling, the position of the controls and the maneuverablity of the Street.

I am starting slow, riding in my neighborhood and on country roads where I bicycle. I am taking advantage of the last good days this fall to develop the skills I learned the Rider's Edge class before I store the bike for the winter. I am looking forward to contributing to the discussions on this forum. I have been reading your posts since this summer and benefited from the ideas, opinions and information all of you have shared.
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If you get a chance, Next year you should ride up to kettle moraine. Plenty of nice two lane roads to cruise on. Holy Hill is good too!
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