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Hey, I'm haulin. Guess I'll be haulin on a street750 here soon. I shot this earlier in the fall. Cool place, see you around.

I was trying to figure out exactly where you were headed. It sounded like you mentioned Gran Cap in the video but I wasn't sure and couldn't find it based upon an internet search. It could be Canadian slang of course. Perhaps you can clarify and let us know where you live because "Northern Canada" encompasses a lot of Canada.

Last summer a road trip took me to Dawson Creek BC but I would consider that as being just the edge of Northern Canada because there's a lot of Canada above it. I love riding in BC as the mountains, rivers, and highways are wonderful generally equating to the backroads of America that I also enjoy riding.

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Grande Cache, highway 40 I think is what I was talking about. Dawson Creek BC and the Alaska Highway are what you would call, my back yard around here. I wouldn't trade it and move away from here for the world.

I'm in Grande Prairie, AB. I want to see how fast a guy can get a Street to go. Other than putting a pan in my Lo, I'm done toying with it >:D


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