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Driving the Street 750 is as easy as riding a normal bike. Steering and breaking is well designed on this Harley which is made for the urban environments. For me (120kg and 1,90m) the bike is small but feels good with enough power.
The engine needs some revs to give some sound, but an other exhaust is a need to get the sound.
Also the mirrors on both sides mounted on the steering bar are not enough to look behind the arms, so if needed ;-) you have to move them to another position.
And the last point to made is the gear box. It feels small (it is of course) and the find the neutral between first and second if not always that easy (maybe this was due to the low kilometers of the bike).
My conclusion: it very good Harley for the beginning motor rider, and a good alternative for the Japanese bikes in the same class. In the Netherlands this bike will sell for 8500 euro.
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