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Inverted Forks

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Has anyone here gone ahead and inverted their forks yet?

I picked up the front end off of a 600 GSX-R and I'm contemplating making this work, or finding a shop somewhere in the world who's building a conversion kit.

I wasn't joking about modding the Street for speed.


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How exactly is this supposed to improve speed or handling?
would love to see this one , great fun swapping stuff out , can also save a fortune if you've got stuff laying around , go for it !
How exactly is this supposed to improve speed or handling?
I was thinking of running a dual caliper set up and some clip ons on my bike. You'd be nuts to keep the stock setup up front and to start pissing around in the upper limits, imop anyways. I wasn't planning on running with the risers or bars either. I certainly wouldn't be afraid to stunt on it, with the gsxr front end on it, that's for sure!

I managed to get a bunch of parts from Italy though, so the gsxr front end is put away for now :crying:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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