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Just a thought about batwings and fairings

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This is just a thought. Since I miss my old rolling couch that I replaced with my Street 750 and I'm about to turn my bike into a commuter. I was looking at adding at adding a windshield to my bike. Well long range I was thinking about about doing something different.
The 750 has a decent motor for this line of thinking. What about a sport tourer approach. How about adding a small Batwing fairing to the front and putting a tach in it with a radio and maybe a GPS or something that would do both. I'm new to Harley Davidson. So would a Memphis Shade do the trick like this?
Memphis Shades Batwing Fairing for Harley FXD XL FXST or Metric Models | MEM7081
I thought I heard there quality control wasn't the best but I might be mistaken. My Victory had everything already on the bike when I got it.
My question for the community is this.
If you were going to build your Street 750 into a soft tourer of sorts on the cheap. How would you do it? What kind of fairing would you put on the front? Would you put bigger pegs or would you put some kind of small foot controls on it? Would you go with lunchbox/semi hard bags to finish the look?
I don't want to overload it with weight and drag but the windshield options we have are already going to add drag anyway so why not look at a fairing since I want the coverage and I want to add a tachometer and some other options.
Thanks for your help.
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I am thinking road king look myself with a possible dyna tank in the future, but if you want a batwing go for it, stick with xl bags as they are closest in size , plus xl shocks bolt right on. If you get the 750 and you install a fuel pack 3 on it , it has blue tooth capability and can turn your phone into a tach among other things.750 has plenty if power to haul the weight, I am 6'2" 260lbs and it has no trouble launching me up to 95mph-fastest I dared go ,had plenty of power to bury the needle! Hope this helps by the way the streets use a 7/8"handlebar, other harleys use a 1" handlebar
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there appears to be several choices of windscreens available that will fit the 750, some require taking off the small front cowling and others not.

I was thinking about adding a tach even though i'm getting the fp3.

i've seen several after market automotive tachs that wont break the bank, I just don't know if they'll work.

in the last week of August Harley brings out the new parts and accessories for the next year. I was told this by our dealer's parts and accessories mgr.

there is another thread here with schematics a member posted that may be of some use in getting the tach to work accurately.

"drag specialties" website also has tachs for motorcycles, just FYI.

if I do get one and get it to work right, i'll post a thread about it.
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I own the 750.

I was looking at the phone option but I was also just looking for an outright gauge. So I would be interested in what you find. As for normal windshields the most interesting of those I have found so far was just the National Cycle Deflector because of a thread on here about it. But like I said I miss my Victory Vision, and I guess, I was hoping I could make a smaller version of it.
Dime city cycles has tachs they also have a 1.9" tach, I was eyeballing the triumph tach speedo mount they had, it looks moddable for the street.
Do you know what ratio would be needed?
No , not sure what the ratio is in reference to.....
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