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Just in Time for the Streets...

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Harley has just opened up a new store front in Manhatten, on the corner of Broadway and White St. Smack dab in the middle of the primest target market one has ever seen.

Interesting bit about this dealership is that its a teo levels, one below street level, and has no service department whatsoever. Those of you in NYC however can drop your bike at the Tribeca location for service and they will shuttle it over to the Queens location for service.

Even more interesting is how they envision attracting the young hipsters they crave so bad...

We’re the only Harley dealership servicing Manhattan, and we will attract multiple segments given our location,” John Maguire said. “There are tour buses that come down Broadway. Tribeca is a hip neighborhood, and we’re hoping to get some young hip urban kids. It starts with a T-shirt from our T-shirt Loft, then a leather jacket from the Leather Lounge, then they throw a leg over a bike. And the courts are right down the street. Lawyers have been stopping by to find out when the store will open.”
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This sounds like a great move for Harley. Having a dealership in Manhattan is essential, and this one is in an awesome location. It can function not only as a dealership but also as a merchandise store. I'm not entirely familiar with Tribeca, but hopefully those young-ins in the area will be able to afford the Street 500 or 750 while still paying their exorbitant NYC rent.

Do we have any NYC members who have been to the store, or are planning to go?
good to see they are expanding in one of the most populated states in america, seems like by the end of this year we can expect to see a good number of new yorkers on this forum
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