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Kansas City, Mo, will be building the Street 500 and Street 750

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Two new bikes will be built in a Kansas City, Mo, plant. The two Harley Davidson bikes to be built are the Street 500 and Street 750. The two bikes are the first lightweight bikes that the company has made in decades.

On the other side of the world in Bawal, India, a factory will be building the two new bikes for the rest of the world, while Kansas will be building for North America.

These new bikes mark the first all-new platform from Harley in 13 years.

Sounds like these Harleys will be sold worldwide. Should be popular too being the first lightweight Harleys in a very long time.
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Got to love harley, always build in the good ole U.S.A.!
I hope Harley shows us behind the scenes footage of what goes on in that plant.
Friend works at the KC plant. Just FYI

Frames: Bent and welded in KC.
Sheet metal: stamped in KC
Aluminum Castings: US Sourced
WHeels: Australia (HD owned Subsidiary)
Suspension: Showa
Cranks and any other iron/steel castings: India. (US Gov't has pretty much outlawed cast iron manufacture in this country.)
Fuel Injection: Marelli I believe
Wiring: US
Electronics: Aisia

India bikes use local castings, frames and sheet metal. We send them aluminum castings. They send us steel/Iron.

Basic design from Milwaukee. Prototypes in India. Initial Production in KC. These are 500ccs for RIder Training program. Job1 coming off the KC right about now.
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Cool info on where all the different parts are going to be made. Figures that the electronics would come from Asia, and given that the Australian parts are a subsidiary, that makes the whole thing American. And that's what I expect from Harley Davidson.

Is Showa a suspension parts company?
186 Gray and Ductile Iron foundries listed in the United States (http://www.manta.com/mb_35_E51417N3_000/gray_iron_castings_nec)

Still, at least the aluminum castings are coming from the U.S.

Showa (Japan) has been making front forks and suspension components for Harley for decades now, as well as for many Japanese and European makes.
seems like a good idea.

North Americans get US built Streets. Rest of the world gets Asia made ones.
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seems like a good idea.

North Americans get US built Streets. Rest of the world gets Asia made ones.
Make sense, although producing them in Asia would be cheaper, I doubt American harley riders would support the idea of the Street 500 and 750 being build only in Asia. It's a MURICAN bike after all

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