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Hi everyone from KERALA,

Happened to see a message/thread in this forum discussing about possible change in cost of bike with effect from 1st of April; which is based on a message posted in Team-bho by some one in kerala who have booked his S750 in Kochi HD.
The discussions happening in above thread is about possible hike in Ex-Showroom price of the bike. Actually, what the guy who posted in team-bhp meant is about the road tax hike from April 2014 in KERALA.

Below is the pdf files pertaining to the Tax Revisions.

For Finance bill 2014-15
(Read page 14, clause - 3)


Circular (This IS very important)
(Read clause 13, for taxing method)

Hope these helps and eliminate all the speculations and apprehensions. :cool:

So basically, we have to pay 10% of Purchase Value (this is NOT Ex-Showroom Price); ie, of BASIC PRICE of the bike. Basic value is the figure WITHOUT tax elements (less VAT & Cess)

NOTE - Ex-Showroom Value = Basic Price + VAT + Cess

Hope this will be useful to all who plan to puchase a vehicle after this financial year. (end of march-14)

Am yet to get the breakup of Ex-Showroom Price from HD Kochi. Will post as soon as I get it.
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Yes I remember reading about in team bhp . Is this only for kerala ? At that time I assumed it was for entire india and as such posted about it here and a couple of us called HD regarding it but they said they know nothing .
Nope basuroy, tax revision is effected ONLY in KERALA. People who have booked the bike in pther states dont have to worry about any difference in committed OTR cost.
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Those who have booked the bike can rejoice. 99.9% the tax revision wont affect commited price from Spice Coast H-D. If there is any, it wud be tad low figure mostly.

Cos, earlier the road tax were fixed on certain percentage (6% I guess) of Ex-SHOWROOM PRICE. But as per the latest taxation method, road tax is Fixed at 10% of Ex-FACTORY price. So the difference wud be almost negligible.

VAT is charged at 14.5% of Ex-Factory price. So hereafter this will have to be reduced from current Ex-Showroom price to find the new road tax which will be 10% of that value.

Hope all are clear ;)
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