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Kinda Looks like a Honda, No?

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you know, the old VT500 ;)

Harley/Japan flame war in 3, 2, 1.....
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LOL. This is not going to be a thread that just dies and never comes back. Time to get some popcorn.
Yes it is similar to the Honda, but remember, that Honda was inspired by the flattrack bikes of its day; namely the Harley-Davidson XR-750! So it doesn't trouble me with its resemblance.
At least at the end of the day we can say HD were the pioneers of bikes like this. Although honda builds some amazing bikes, when it comes to bikes like this, HD deserves a lot of respect.
There is some similarity with the Ascot. But, as others have said, Japan copied Harley styling early on. My gosh, look at the Yamaha Bolt! I want to see the Street 500/750 in person.
I think it was a mix of them copying HD's style of bike and trying to fit within that segment of bikes. I find that it's typical that bikes from different bike makers, even with car makers too, tend to share similar proportions and design cues, but when you look at the close enough you see how different they really are.
At least guys with the Yamaha can smoke 883 guys in a straight line.
I still rather have the harley, it's just fitting that that style of bike have a harley badge.
IN all seriousness I think the Street is pretty unique

I cant find anything else that looks just like it
there have been older bikes like it but obviously they can't really compare, nothing modern and out right now like it.
Nah, I don't think it looks much like the Honda.
More like the Honda looks like a Harley :D

Even people who don't ride know this
at least the street looks like a true harley, a much bigger cc harley.
all it could really use at this point are better looking wheels
1 - 7 of 29 Posts
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