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I was in Jackson to present my paper to the Energy Council. So I hauled the bike with to squeeze in some ride time.

Rode the Teton's and over and around Yellowstone Lake. Park is nice this time of year, not tons of people.

Of course Saturday night it starting pouring down rain. I headed back to Grand Junction Sunday morning and it started to really come down. Stopped for fuel and saw a poor ******* on a 1200R while I was fueling he starts to tell me his freezing to death story.... asked him where he was going, he says Grand Junction but was going to end up staying the night in Rock Springs...... WTF!

Asked him if he wanted to load the bike and ride in the trailer since I was already going that way. A few minutes later poor guy cannot believe someone is really going to haul him,,,,,

Dropped him off in Junction at the Motel 6 after we drove a lot of hours through snow, sleet, rain, plowed the truck through two mud slides on Douglas Pass..... he was a pretty happy guy to be back on track with his vacation. German guy...

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