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I am not rely a new member former [email protected] Street 750 . Thank God I got back in after not being able to log in for weeks after upgrading my antivirus software !! I have since traded my XG 750 with 15000 miles on it for a model year end Street Rod XG750A , I already have 1200 miles on the new ride & having a ball riding the Rod . Every where I go with the Street Rod it turns heads lots of nice comments on the bike !! Looking forward to hearing & shearing Ideas for the Street Rod , so far all I have done is added 2 in pull back bar risers to get my back a little straighter . I also have many aftermarket parts that I took off the XG750 before I traded . Touring Mustang seat ,Progressive shocks , HD chrome tail rack ect. The parts are like new & I will take 1/2 of new price + shipping .
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