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Long time lurker, First post. Sunny QLD'er saying Hi..!

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Nerf's Build thread

Hi Guys,



Currently have a Harley Street 500, but I have been into some oddball Rides over the years

more to come

Thanks for your time
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On to the Street

I'll start with my review copied from a Bike page on Facebook:

I went to the Boyd Yung Street 500 Reveal on the 26th feb, booked a test ride, right then and there. got the call and off we went that friday.
It felt more nimble than an iron 883, and had a lower center of gravity. the power was nothing to write home about, but the bike felt faster than the iron for sure, power/weight ratio? this thing felt at least 20kgs lighter .
the foot position felt slightly more forward than the std mid mount controls on most harleys. which felt fine with my short legs.
it reminds me of a mini V Rod.
I reckon i would use one as a commuter for sure. nimble, easy to manouver with enough grunt through any of the 6 gears to accelerate out of trouble when needed.
I would definitely get the aftermarket exhaust ASAP. as the std one sounded like any other 500cc.
my 2c review
test ride pic

The test bike had the Screamin Eagle NightStick

They un crated my bike when it arrived and sent me a couple pics

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The day I got her home

I was seriously going to buy a large backpack for work once the bike came through. they throw one in with the deal..!
2 year roadside assist. 2 year unlimited KM warranty.
The Screamin' Eagle Nightstick will be in at the end of the month.
Will try to time the fitting of it, with the 1600k service.
Ordered a set of Clubman Bars and bar end mirrors, which arrived yesterday.
Will be fitting them over the weekend.

Plans are:

WildThang's old 48 is my inspiration
going to making a set of forward controls up. will make some templates as i go, so we can make more for others.
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Hey Nerfbatt! Those are some seriously sic little sleds you've had! Welcome to the Streets dude!
Thanks for the warm welcome mate..!
Following your work, closely :)

Clubman bars and bar-end mirrors fitted

Before and after pics

removed pillion pegs, seat strap.

Next is to re-mould the seat and add some red,white or grey piping/stitching.
and look at fender eliminators or this tail tidy
Harley Davidson Street 750 Fender Eliminator KIT | eBay
tho i am not too happy with that look, wanted an older style cafe tail

thanks for your time
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Those mirrors are sharp, I'm headed that way myself eventually. I was looking at that elimination kit on ebay, clean, clean clean ... their front signal lights though are what really impressed me!
cool mate. will check out the indicators also, as the std ones look cheap and scooter-like :)

If you need some custom seat work done then I recommend you contact Sharon Atkinson aka (the original) "Motorgirl" for the work. You can check out some of the custom seat work she's done on her Facebook page. All of it is excellent and some of it is downright awesome. Tell her I sent you if you decide to contact her. Dennis
Thanks heaps mate.
Will definitely look her page up.
finished the running in of the engine, so took her for a good 300 ish km ride today.
Stopped at The Spit for an ice-cream and a couple pics

Soo bloody happy with it..!

Exhaust should be here this week too

Does anyone know the easiest way to upgrade my engine to the 750?
Not in a rush to do it, merely planning for the future
I see the stroke is the same(66mm/2.6") and the bore differs
The 500 bore is 69mm/2.72"
The 750 Bore is 85mm/3.35"
Can I Simply bore my 500 barrels out to the 750 specs and buy the pistons? or are the barrels different?
Does anyone have a Parts Breakdown of the bike? With part numbers perhaps?(I'm sure I am probably pushing my luck, lol)
Can't find a thing online
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Thanks for the info guys.

We never got the choice in Aus, Haulin'.
They only brought over the 500....

AYEDEE, i am also looking at that option, i see there is a complete 750 engine for 2.5K USD on ebay currently.

No biggie, this is a long time plan. More than happy with how it goes at the moment
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Thats awesome Dennis.

I follow your facebook page, and added her and her manufacturing page as you suggested that day.
have seen the updates coming through from both of you
Exciting times, mate
small update.

Reduced cable angle on bars from 120, down to under 80 degrees, with a new mount, for neater fitment behind cowl.
Also fitted a shorty lever because 'RaceCar'..! (Oh wait..)

prior to fitment
Notice how the cable's angle away from the bar, pushes against the cowl.

a lot tighter angle, better fit behind the cowl, no longer pressing against it

shot of the whole bars and setup
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The Screamin' Eagle NightStick finally arrived.
Fitted it at work, and rode it home, loved it..!

Will upload a better pic and vid when i can.

Interesting discussion with the Harley sales rep who sold me the bike.
He said that since they arrived late Feb, til now(under 2 months), The Harley Street is now the Best selling LAMS cruiser in Australia
Surpassing the well established Yamaha 650 off it's perch
Insane, if true
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Hi Zowie, my harley rep told me the same thing, best selling LAMS bike now, I love mine. I got the screaming eagle exhaust and air filter as well and it sounds and goes a lot better now as well. This is her before exhaust and air filter were added, cheers
awesome news.!

And love the stripes mate. breaks up the darker colours nicely

thinking of doing some red touches to mine to do the same thing
Curious on how comfortable this is with the lower controls? I want to do this but i'm afraid it'll be awkward.

I have a 34'' inseam
Hi mate, I'm a shorter guy also and this position maintains the standard cables, controls, wiring, etc, while shifting the riding position slightly forward and down(by not so much) and making the bars narrower.
It looks more forward and down than it actually feels, IMHO

I like what you've been doing. I think I read through the entire thread but I might have missed it: you've got the clubmans on upside-down, is that just for your own comfort? They obviously work either way, just curious.
Hi mate.
The bars are intentionally installed that way, mate, so as not to have to buy different cables, extend or shorten wiring, etc.
I prefer this riding position, slightly more forward and not as wide.
I came across this by mistake when i installed the Clubmans the wrong way on one of my monkeybikes and loved the feel and reach.
It's sort of my 'GoTo' bar position now.
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Maybe I should have bought a boat

Instead of a Harley....lol

near cyclone weather here all week...
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3 Stooges Cruise last weekend.

Heifer ck rd stop at Thiess Memorial Park
Free camping here, with toilets and pets allowed

waiting for the lights at the roadworks on the Gatton - Esk rd, thought the light would be cool for a pic

Riding over the Wivenhoe dam wall

They were letting it drain and it was a bit of a tourist stop. was awesome. shoulda brought soap

Guy in the Harley jacket is my first instructor from 1989 ish, became lifelong friends since
Guy with Dreads is one of the coolest cats on the planet, is a project manager from Hutchies Builders

We did 390 ks approx, 1st hr in pouring rain, Tbar, Heifer ck, Gatton, Esk to the dams, then Glorious for a cuppa.
Awesome time.

Next trip will be to the Gold coast via the hinterlands and a bit of trek that way, maybe Hinze dam, Numminbah Prison area
any of you cats are welcome to rock along
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I like what you've been doing. I think I read through the entire thread but I might have missed it: you've got the clubmans on upside-down, is that just for your own comfort? They obviously work either way, just curious.
I used the quote so you could see this post, Howl.

I just wanted to say i love your youtube Vlogs.
Remind me a little of my fave ones by Shawn Smoak and his Iron

Keep em coming :)
And today, I did a thing...

Not sure if I like it.



Playing with the photo app on my phone. Made this
I think I love this pic
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Hi mate thanks.
Just came back from a good ride, testing it out.
It's a lot more forward feeling than previously. With the weight more over the front wheel, it feels easier for me, to turn through the twisties.
the standard position is near perfectly neutral, to suit most riders/types, etc.
Plan is to also get a set of Short Ape Hangers, cables and wiring, so I can switch it up at any time
Just gotta finish this look first
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Can't wait mate..!

Also, just picked this up from my dealer

+10HP at least, I reckon
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My seat for the next week...lol

Just got back from dropping the original seat off for some custom work. Getting it done by the guy who fixes the seats at work for our heavy machinery as I can get it done cheaper through the work account
Going cafe style, sorta like this

Getting a charcoal 'leather look' vinyl for the main area of the seat.
And a darker black Ostrich leather for the bum pad area.
Will have some grey or red stitching and piping(will decide exactly, when I go back friday to test the foam fabrication)
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