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I have a few bikes, some due to my age I rarely use. I have one bike - CBR600R that has done 27 miles in 2 years!

I do not service them at the scheduled intervals.
In my opinion anyone who rides a bike and knows anything at all about them will actually be completing 'items on the service scedule' each time they ride i.e. inspect movement of brake pedals etc. etc.
The only thing I 'maintain' is the battery - my bikes each have a battery tender fitted.
I have always serviced my bikes as I simply do not trust a bike I may potentially be riding at very high speed or in heavy traffic to some grease monkey!
Providing you maintain (oil / grease) springs and moving parts the bike should be fine.
Something I try to do is keep both wheels / tyres OFF the ground or at least keep the weight off them as I have found that if left standing for long periods, especially in hot weather, the tyres get 'flat spots' on them. I also drain the fuel as it has a tendency to 'thicken' if not shaken about. ;)
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