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Since my mother passed away I had to cancel my Arkansas trip and go to New Hampshire to handle her affairs and burial I have not had a decent roll for the year.

Usually I go fish with my father but he injured his back and could not come to Montana.....

My wife was going hiking 14ers with her girlfriends so I decided to pack up and bug out!

Hammered everything onto the FLSTFB and hauled assss

Couple nice things on the trip......

Utah has the interstates at 80 MPH now.

Salt Lake and Ogden allow motorbikes to use the high occupancy lanes which allows you to fly through the congested areas pretty nicely.

Idaho has the speed limits up to 80 MPH as well.

Because of this instead of my usual roll up 191 through Jackson Hole and Grand Teton I rolled the I-70 to US 6 to I-15 to US 20 up to West Yellowstone and into the park that way.......

Cut almost three hours off my travel time. I have rode 191 from end to end, Canada to Mexico and rode the Wyoming portion more times than I care to remember, so it was nice to see a different route!

Arrived Yellowstone same day 687 miles later!

Went all the way through to Gardiner MT. It rained from Terrace Springs all the way in...... said phuck it and just got wet instead of gearing up for the last hour.....

By then it was time for a freaking beer. I always track down Former USMC Sgt Mike..... He and I have been friends for a long time......

Presently the barkeep at The Blue Goose Saloon!

I thought the PBR sign was appropriate since I was in ******* mode!

Stayed for 4 nights and rolled home Monday morning.

Had to stop for lunch, if you are in Price Utah stop in a Sheralds, the food is good, the servers are pretty young things....... Remember they work primarily for TIPS so leave some bucks for them!

Turned out to be a great roll. Three days of fish slaying and motorbiking! Three nights of closing the bar!
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