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Hi, I'm located near Sacramento and selling my bike. Let me know if you would be interested! Thanks

1 owner-excellent condition-only 2510 miles. $5490
black denim color
transferable extended warranty until 10/12/2021

Upgrades added:
screaming eagle muffler-baffles also added to make louder
Screaming Eagle heat shield for muffler
Screaming Eagle Air Filter
engine was tuned for higher flow exhaust and air filter combo
Typhoon front and rear wheels
replaced original brake rotors with new polished brake rotors
center stand
engine guard
Quick Release Super Sport windshield
Corbin seat (Gunfighter & Lady w/oval back seatrest)-oval shaped backrest missing from my pics but included
long stem rearview mirrors
edge cut longer footpegs /pad on brake pedal
Brake light modulator(Vizitec SupaBrake II-programmable under seat)
attachment and holder for Garmin Zumo GPS(fully wired) (GPS not included)
rear and side bag mounting
leather side bags-locking
trickle charger port pre-wired


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That's a very nice looking bike, Marian.

If anybody has to wonder if that's a good price, my local dealership is asking about the same out the door price for completely stock 2015 xg500's that they purchased for an aborted attempt at starting a Rider Academy.
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