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I'm looking for advice from anyone who's modified any kind of bike in the past, specifically regarding switching out a tank on an EFI bike.

I've decided that one of the reasons I'm not 100% satisfied with my Street is that I just hate the tank so very very much. I'm converting to a cafe brat looking bike, but until I get my seat and tank sorted, I don't want to start welding on rear-sets.

Ideally, I'd want a tank along the lines of the XS Eleven, flat top, flat sides, very late 70's UJM, I just prefer the look.

My question comes down to feasibility: who would go into a job like this? Obviously, I need to remove the pump from the HD tank and most likely MIG weld a mounting plate onto the new tank. Has anyone ever done something like this? What are the primary concerns? Are external fuel pumps even an option?

I'm inspired by the several customs that use different tanks, especially the one with the Laverda tank.
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