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Greetings fellow humans! New to the H-D family. While this is my first H-D it is not my first MC.
In the first 20 years of my riding life I have owned:
'73 XL 350 Honda.
'75 Honda 400/FOUR Super Sport. (Give my right YKW to have this one back!)
'79 Honda CB750 K 10th Anniversary Edition.
'77 Kawasaki KZ1000
Sensing a pattern?

I chose the XG simply because of price point and overall ease of operation...not to mention it is an H-D. I Was not looking to tour or thump-thump my way around town. I live in an agrarian/urban community and have a 100 mile circle that I will use this bike to traverse. (Memphis, Little Rock, Ozarks, Saturn)

Seriously, just wanted to get back in the saddle...with something unique and easy to ride. Sold my last bike owned back in 1990 and finally pulled the trigger on a NOS 2015 XG 750 in Denim Black, purchased at Abernathy H-D in Union City TN (Great dealership, by the way).

"Let us not go gentle into that good night...rage, RAGE against the dying the light."

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Welcome and congrats!

Roll Tide!

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