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New Harley-Davidson Exhausts Manufacturer Launches

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Firebrand is a new Anaheim-based exhaust manufacturer for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The co-creators of Firebrand are ex-Vance&Hines executives. That means that they should bring some good hands-on experience to their company.

The two co-creators are John Peck, a former vice president at Vance&Hines, and Leigh Crawford, who is a former R&D manager at the same company.

The company will focus on Harley-Davidson exhausts at first, but future plans include more accessories and the addition of more brands to their list. The first Firebrand product is the Loose Cannon Slip-On for Harley touring models. YOu can check it out in action in the video below.

No dyno figures have been revealed as of yet, but hopefully they will be soon. The Firebrand Loose Cannon Slip-Ons retail for $549.99 for the chrome version and $599.99 for the black model.
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Cool that there is a new kid on the block. I don't think that slip-on exhaust will fit on the Street since the Street is not a tourer though.

Hopefully they come out with more products and give us some more selection with which to customize and upgrade our Harley bikes.
Seems a little pricey for a slip on can doesn't it?
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There is a new one from V&H

Vance & Hines Competition Series Slip-On Exhaust For Harley Street 2015 - RevZilla

This is cheaper ...it's around $359 with free shipping from revzilla..currently available to ore-order

Do we have any videos that let us hear what this exhaust sounds like in action?
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In the newest Motorcyclist Magazine the V&H ad features the Street.
Firebrand Exhaust

Firebrand announced their exhaust for the Street. Slip-On for $249.95
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Sounds pretty good, but the sound quality isn't quite up to snuff in order to get a true picture of what it sounds like. I also wonder what benefits that it provides to performance other than just the sound.
The day after I bought my 500 (about a week ago) I cut the baffle and resonator out of the stock muffler. It actually sounded like a typical HD... but being in California has made me a little worried about the noise. I went and bought the Screamin' Eagle slip on, which was only marginally louder than stock... and was disappointed after spending 380 bucks.

However, after removing the 6 bolts and diffuser plates at the end of it, I'm now thoroughly pleased at the tone/volume. Sounds friggin' awesome!

If anyone wants my stock muffler (loud!), lemme know!
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Nice so you just removed the baffle and the resonator and left it with nothing or di you replace it with a perforated pipe along with fiberglass packing?

Do you have a video of cored stock muffler?
I removed them and left it with nothing... just straight pipe. I later went and bought the SE muffler and modified that, too, after determining it was too quiet. The SE muffler does have perforated sheet with packing to act as a resonator, but is totally straight through after removal of the diffuser plates.

I'll have to make and post some videos this weekend if I get a minute!

Is there a special tool to remove the 6 bolts & diffuser plate on the screaming eagle muffler?
Gimme a couple hours to get home from school and I'll post a vid :)

As far as a special tool, 5 of the 6 Allen bolts are normal, but the 6th is tamper resistant. The Allen bit to remove it is available at any harbor freight store or other tool/hardware store, shouldn't be more than a few bucks as part of a set of tamper resistant bits.
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This was the day I bought it... I'll grab some videos of the exhaust in a bit.
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Auto part

And that's a pic of the baffle and resonator inside the stock muffler.
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that screaming eagle exhaust sounds awesome,

the first link didn't work and the video didn't embed.

here's the embedded video:

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Ahhh, thank you. I was trying to do it on my phone yesterday. Guess I just need to get of my ass and grab the laptop when I try to post vids from now on.
Firebrand Loose Cannon for Harley Street - YouTube

Sounds pretty good, but the sound quality isn't quite up to snuff in order to get a true picture of what it sounds like. I also wonder what benefits that it provides to performance other than just the sound.

I will be ordering a Firebrand slip-on exhaust this weekend:D; I will let everyone know how it sounds when I get it. Also took the fairing off already and will add chrome finish to headlight shroud, will P/U this Friday. Also will take photos of some cleanup modifications too, like fixing the back of the speedometer covering so it doesn’t look so cheep.;)
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