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Decided to lower my bars a tad, and I've been hitting a few bumps along the way, hoping some of the more knowledgeable tinkerers or builders can chime in.

Got the Satin Black 7/8" Supermoto bars from Dime City, along with some inexpensive bar-end mirrors and some Renthal grips. This really should have been quite simple.

Bars went on with no problem after drilling them for the studs in the hand controls. Great fit, I really like the lower position, and I think they just look better on the bike in general. Left side was no problem to get set up, the grey grip looks slick and the bar end mirror gives an incredibly better rearward view. Highly recommended.

Things got tricky on the throttle side. Most importantly, the throttle tube is NOT going to work with a standard 7/8" grip, looks like it was designed to fit a 1". Why they'd set this up for 7/8" bars, then throw this at us is beyond me.

The bike was also previously down from being rear-ended, so the stud that keeps the throttle assembly from spinning is broken. I'd like to replace the whole throttle and switch assembly with something after market. Here are my questions:

1) For the switches, how many wires am I looking at, including the ground on the stock switch? I'm probably going to go with something from Motion Pro or DCC that's designed for the Japanese bikes, but they're nice and low profile, preferable to the chunky plastic that comes stock.

2) The throttle cable ends don't appear to have threaded ends. Is there any way to make them work with something after market like the Whiskey Throttle from Biltwell, or any perhaps a cheapo throttle assembly for the time being? If not, does anyone know what the barrel ends on the butterfly side of the cables look like, and whether a compatible cable exists that will work with a screw-in type throttle assembly?
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