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Hi all,,, I'm new member from california,, I want to buy harley,,
What harley suitable for beginners
Welcome aboard.

Obviously both the Street 500 and 750 can be appropriate for a new rider, and several here had made that decision, but I'll offer some other advice for a new rider if you can afford it. My experience was to learn on slightly smaller motorcycles as they teach the rider things that you don't learn on larger, mid-size (today), motorcycles like the 500 or 750. If you can I'd personally suggest you find something like an older used Honda 250cc Rebel and ride it for a few months and then sell or trade it in on the larger Harley. If you buy cheap you might even get what you paid for the Rebel back when you sell it. If not you probably won't lose more than a couple hundred dollars.

That is not to imply you can't just jump on on a Street 500/750 because you can. Both the 500/750 are extremely rideable motorcycles even for beginning riders. I just think that smaller motorcycles teach a person about using body weight to affect the motorcycle because as you go larger and heavier you use more power than body weight in controlling a motorcycle. Either going direct to a 500/750 or working your why up to it is acceptable in the end. Just ride safe in either case.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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