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Here trying to gather more information about these new HD's as I'm looking for a bike for my 5'3" 100 lb wife.

She is currently on for her a perfect bike a 2007 Suzuki S50, a 800 cc water cooled v-twin. Go ahead and throw out the jap crap and rice burner slurs now. I can take it.

I tried to buy her a new Dyna Switchback but she just freaked out with the width of the bike and the weight so stuck with her bike. She wants a bike with saddlebags, ABS, fuel injection, windscreen, lowers and floorboards. Sounds like the Street 750 could be the ticket for her.

I'm a dual sport rider and with the death of Buell and lack of parts etc I switched to Triumph.

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Welcome to the forum @fishy

I guess if you have interests for the HD street this would be a good place to gather info from. I don't think any body here has anything against japanese import bikes. The community is great and we have a good bunch of guys sharing all sorts of info.

For your wife you can even consider the HD Street 500 but I guess she can still be comfortable being on a 750cc without any issues.

Which Triumph do you own now? Dual sport... let me guess the tiger 800? ;)
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