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I've had a Honda Rebel 250 for several years now. This is my second
in my 56 years!! Went to a Harley Davidson garage party for women
last week here in Cajun country. Lafayette, La. Dealer is in Scott, LA
Well my girlfriend who also has a Rebel 250 got on a 883 Iron and she
loved it. Went back and did a test ride and purchase it. So now I got the
fever for a Harley. I have problems with one of my knees so when they
told us about the 500 and 750 I really became even more interest. The weight is 483# and my Rebel is about 350# so I think I can handle without hurting my knee. I can handle the bike but it puts my knee
in a bind when I have to back up the 883. So just waiting for the 500 and 750 to hit the show room floor so I can check out. Looking at the pictures wish it had a little more chrome. I have a lot on my Rebel and it blue kind of hate to part with it. If I like the Harley it will happen!!:)
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Welcome to the forum TMC !
I am also a woman rider, 52 years old, and bad knees. The weight is one of the main reasons I am interested in a HD Street 750. Years ago, I had an 883 sportster and the weight was 503 lbs, now they are about 575 lbs.
May I suggest that if the Street doesn't work for you, look into a Suzuki
Boulevard S40. It is 386 lbs and 650cc single, about 31 HP. It handles freeway speeds better than the Rebel 250, plenty of power, and very stable, easy bike.
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Thanks for that info Sherri. I have look at them on Suzuki website nice looking bike. 386 lbs is not bad at all for 650cc. That's only 70 lbs more than the Rebel. I think I will check with the Suzuki dealer here and see if the have any in stock I can check out now so I have a good idea when the 500 and 750 come in at the Harley dealer. They telling me some time in June. I really like the Suzuki if I remember they look more like cruiser than what I've seen in pictures of HD. Thanks so much for this info I had really forgot about the Boulevard S40 I going to there website now. Will keep you posted on what happens. I wanted do anything quickly cause I have a bike already and don't need one but you know got the fever!!!
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You have an awesome girl friend, i don't see many women on 883's.
She really likes it. I rode it the other day and love it. But it's just a
bit heavy to back up. My right knee will flare up so quick. so the 500
or 700 is just about 60-75# heavier than my little Rebel so I can handle
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Welcome to the forum TMC! Good to have you.

Keep us posted on whichever biek you end up with ;)
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