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New rider in Ohio

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Hey there everyone! I just purchased my first motorcycle a week ago. I got a Street 500. I am super excited and anxious to ride but of course the lovely weather has not cooperated, and I need to get some practice in before hitting the road.

I would like the bike to be louder, and to add on some lights going along the frame to make sure I am heard, and seen by other people on the road. That being said, I plan on just removing the baffles from the stock muffler for the time being, is there any cons to this or anything I need to do along with that? And does anyone already have lights going along their frame that would recommend a certain kit or anything? Please post pictures if you do!


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Welcome aboard. Great to see you wanting mods on your bike. No issues with removing the baffles only. Lights, I don't have much knowledge of what all is available in the U.S.
I am sure some other more knowledgable member will oblige.
I'm new as well but the more you ride the muffler does get alittle bit louder put on about 100 miles before worrying to much at that point mine started to sound better. Lighting the day maker light is epic very clear I would like to know if anyone has figured out how to make the blinkers act as running lights as well. Also looks like you and I got our bikes form the same shop I recognize the picture back ground pretty cool place the service guys and parts are epic there more then willing to answer questions. I was very surprised they would work that hard to help me build my motorcycle my way.:)
Welcome aboard the forum and congratulations on your purchase of the Street 500. It is an excellent motorcycle and you should have years of riding pleasure with it once the weather cooperates.

Advice from an old rider. Never trust anything you do to keep people in cars from hitting you. It's all about you seeing them, anticipating everything possible they can do, and being prepared to do whatever is necessary to avoid them. Some refer to this as Situational Awareness while I simply refer to it as Stayin' Alive. It's not about being paranoid but is about always being aware of everything that can potentially move.

As a new rider take a lot of time to become "one with the motorcycle" and typically try to avoid being in traffic and/or potentially dangerous situations during this process. In a real sense this is more physical than mental because your body needs to instinctually do everything right before your mind even has time to think about it. Most importantly love the learning and the riding and be safe.
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Welcome to the forum! Take a rider's safety course if you haven't already, great way to learn the basics. Congrats on the purchase.
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