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Greetings, all! We actually picked up a Street 500 as part of an April Buy-One/Get-One deal on a Harley touring bike. I picked up a 2017 Road King and we got a blue 2016 Street 500 for "free". We decided to keep it for my daughter's 16th birthday after she takes Harley's Rider's Academy course. Right now, she's on a 50cc Buddy. For my rides, I've owned a pair of BMW R1200Cs, a Piaggio MP3 500 (coolest scooter ever on the road IMHO), a Victory Hammer, a Victory Vegas, and now the Road King as my first "proper" Harley. I'm a reasonably competent wrench and have grown to enjoy mods and basic maintenance on my bikes.

For our daughter's 500, I've added a rear carrier, sissy bar, and the HD tail bag backpack so she can take her crap to school. I know lots of people like the dark custom look, but I actually went with chrome to add just a splash of color to complement the chromed shock and fork up front--it gives the bike just a little extra pop when sitting in the garage. I might add some Viking hard bags along the way, but for now, it's pretty much stock otherwise.

Sadly, I've already had two oddball problems with my daughter's 500 and it's only got 60 miles on the clock. The first were rear fender bolts that were impossible to remove to install the docking hardware and rear carrier...eventually I gave up and had the dealer pull out the bolts as I was doing nothing but strip the heads with my torx and hex bits (yes, there were two different bolt heads installed)...I'm thinking that red thread locker on the OEM bolts also had something to do with it!

But the worst part happened on my way back from the dealer after contending with the fender bolts; the green neutral light stopped working once the motor was running--I could shift into neutral, but the light didn't illuminate. Not a big deal for me, but for my daughter who would just be learning on a standard, not so much. So as I'm riding the bike back to HD to have the light looked at, the speedo starts fluctuating then drops to zero--as I'm driving down the road at 60mph. Once the speedo goes out, I notice the odometer stopped working as well so I essentially got 15 "free" miles on the clock that aren't registered on the ODO. Then finally the engine light comes on not once but 4 times during the last few miles of the trip to the dealer. Supposedly it's a bad speed sensor but I won't know until I pick up the bike (hopefully this weekend) and give it another road test.

That said, it does seem to be a potent little bike and certainly just as peppy, if not a little more so, than the MP3 500 scooters I ran until just recently. I'm hoping as a starter bike this will be a good one for my daughter...maybe she'll like it enough that I'll consider some exhaust or intake upgrades--though in truth I don't know how much more one can REALLY squeeze out of the 500 power plant. But I've found this board fascinating and a wonderful place to do some research and I look forward to joining in on some more conversations in the future.

Cheers...and ride safe y'all!
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