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Hi Folks,
My name is Trevor Cleveland. I am the Tech guy at James Gaskets in Dayton Nevada. Whenever we get a new bike in I try to see what gripes if any are out there gasket wise for the bike.
We got a XG750 back in November and have yet put only 108 miles on the odometer.. the weather and other circumstances have conspired against much saddle time. But I will say that hasn't stopped me from already grinding the pegs down quite a bit. Our bike is currently at the local H-D dealership for the tank recall and a Low fuel light problem. (it stays on all the time)
its a decent little bike, all the complaints I've heard about fit and finish for it being a Harley Davidson are typically from the folks who haven't spent much time around a Japanese Bike. I'm extremely pleased with the power this plucky little bike has. and as far as gripes I only have a couple

front brake... maybe this is me coming from a XR1200 who's brakes give me that "hand of god" feel. but this bikes front brake is the worst I have ever experienced on a new bike... I hope to change that in the near future as I will be riding the living piss out of this thing

seat, comfy, but a little too far forward (I am 5'10" and I just feel crowded)

Handle Bars... these things gotta go, If I wanted to be in the down pushup position all day I wouldn't be riding a Harley....

thats it... otherwise, its a fantastic piece of machinery.

If you guys have any questions feel free to ask. and if you are looking for anything for your other Harley feel free to give me a call at 775-246-2220. I look forward to learning all I can about this bike. t:)
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Hello TDC and welcome to the forum. Yes, it is a little hard to believe that HD actually R&D this bike like they say with all the problems people are coming up with on this forum.

You may want to look at this link that I have started on some mods I did to a Street that I own.

Welcome aboard.

I'm also a 1200cc Sportster owner (XL-50) and while the braking is certainly different between the two I found no problems with the Street 750 when it came to stopping. Before even purchasing I did "panic stop" braking tests on both the 500 and 750 and both stopped rapidly without any problem. I don't know if my Sportster would have stopped any better but I was more than statisfied with the Street. Braking going into a turn actually felt a bit better on the Street than on my Sportster and the 750 certainly corners better but that's due to the difference in size between the two motorcycles.

I do know that the Street 750 is actually quicker to accellerate than my Sportster once again because it weighs 100 lbs less plus the fact that an OHC V-twin is superior to a pushrod V-twin.

Of course I have no intention of getting rid of my Sportster over any differences because the Sportster is my 'road trip' motorcycle and I'm dedicated to my annual road trips. Two different motorcycles for two different purposes IMHO.
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