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Oil Leak

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Anyone know what part this?
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I'll take a guess and say speed sensor, or speedo sensor if no cable off the dash pod. Contact clean from behind the belt pulley. This is then, a re-ride. This will show the highest point of the 'starting' link.

Right now I do not want to guess at it. It shows above how wet the sensor can get is the whole body. Kind of makes me wonder if it the output shaft behind the pulley.

So the trick is to always look higher than the leak sort of speak. This the clean slate and start all over again dry.
Second approach is to leave it as is, might have to pull the pulley sprocket out to clear the sensor body, but maybe not. So say you have to remove the pulley to remove the sensor and change the oring at the speed sensor. Well, you are that far, might as well kill two birds an see if the leak begins at the bottom of the output shaft seal behind the sprocket pulley.

So it's a mirror between sprocket and case to see if there is a leak at the output seal. Proceed from there
That is the neutral safety switch, a known leak area in our bikes. They can crack and seep oil. New ones only cost $15 but are backordered indefinitely and used ones show up on occasion....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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