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I am a returning rider. I have not ridden in about 10 years.. I am 60 yrs old, 6', 210 lbs and a 31 inseam.

I really like the look of the xg750. i have not taken one for a test ride (it is still cold here in Upstate NY.). I think the weight and handling will be perfect for my style of riding.

I have sat on a few including one with a tallboy seat. I think it will be good for me. I did not feel cramped on the tallboy seat.

Are there easy to find accessories for this bike? I am thinking engine guards, rear rack, saddlebags and stays. Maybe LED headlight.

Any thoughts on my size for the bike? Any places people know to get quality accessories for this bike?


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Welcome to the forum!

I am 6' with a 30" inseam and a lot heavier than you are. I found the XG750 mid controls to get a bit cramped after an hour of riding but were fine for my daily commute. My last ride last fall was to get the bike back from the shop which had installed forward controls.

Accessories for this bike were never plentiful and the situation isn't improving since the model was dropped by H-D. The specific accessories you list can be found on eBay, as buy/sell/trade items on this forum, or by shopping overseas. Some of the best third-party support for this bike is from south Asia, which seems to be the one area these bikers were big sellers.

I always thought the H-D saddlebags for this bike looked cheap and were overpriced, so I went with generic throw over saddlebags instead. Ideally, I would have found a generic saddlebag support, but everything I was finding at the time was chrome instead of black. Instead I was able to get a set of the sari guards that came on the Indian bikes, which are a metal grill that you can strap anything to. They are a bit heavy, though.
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