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Recall letter from Harley Davidson

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I heard about the petrol tank issues with the Street 750 through one of my WhatsApp group. Someone in Delhi got a recall letter from Harley Davidson. Apparently with certain batches of Streets built in India, the petrol tank has a potential fuel leakage problem from the tank cap. Some folks have complained about not being able to close it properly. I've not had any issue with mine so far but I too got a recall letter on Friday (26th September). I've been asked to visit the HD workshop in Pune to get my bike inspected for the recall issue. It shouldn't take more than an hour they said and if there is a problem, depending on the availability of a new defect free petrol tank, I might get the bike right away or it might take days until one is available.

I've fixed an appointment for tomorrow with the workshop. Keeping my fingers crossed. Hope my Therapist does not have a problem.
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I haven't received any recall letters but have read of the gas caps not fitting properly. I've got the impression that if it doesn't fit right the owner knows it but I had no problems with mine at all. Apparently it has to do with the tank filler tube not being correctly positioned when welded into the tank making it too low for the cap to properly seat and lock into place.
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