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Replacing a broken clutch lever is surprisingly simple (and cheap!).
1. Park bike on soft grass
2. Watch stand slowly sink into the turf whilst running toward bike in slow motion
3. Say rude words while pushing bike back into shed
4 Order new clutch lever ($34) just before the Christmas holidays, knowing it won’t arrive for weeks
5 Undo pivot bolt
6 While an assistant levers the clutch into disengaged position, slip the old lever off the cable and new lever onto the cable
7 Replace pivot bolt, check for slack, freeplay etc
8 Go riding
  • There was no need to adjust cable length using turnbuckles at either end of cable.
  • A prybar would be easier than a piece of pine, but I didn’t want to damage the rear brake master cylinder.
  • To make things even easier, skip step 1 above, thereby avoiding the need to perform steps 2-8.
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Some sort of chain spray for that pivoting. Dry, you'll elongate the holes eventually. Stay up on the lubing
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