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Ride #8 to Narayangaon (Pune - Nashik) was not worth documenting, the ride was horrible with very bad roads and traffic. So I've skipped directly to Ride #9 here.

Over the long Diwali weekend (23-26 October), most of the HOG members were busy spending time with family. I had 4 days of holidays and decided to do at least one ride in the morning. I contemplated between new routes (Saswad, Lavasa) and tried and tested ones (Pune-Satara, Pune-Solapur) and decided to go with the Pune-Solapur highway riding all the way to Bhigwan. In my list of roads to ride on, this one comes 2nd only after the Kolhapur-Belgaum road.

I left home around 6:30 AM armed with my handy little Sony camera and the gorrila pod and yes of course as always in full riding gear. I recently purchased Spartan Pro Gear riding pants with built in armor for the knees and thighs. I also recently received my Harley Davidson armor for the elbows and shoulders that I could insert in my HD mesh riding jacket. I was waiting for a ride to test all of this. It felt good that I did not have to strap on armor on my knees and elbows instead just wear my jacket and riding pants.

This ride was very uneventful. Less traffic, open roads and feet on the highway footpegs most of the time except for when passing the toll collection booths. I stopped a couple of times, mainly for photos which are linked below. I did around 160 kms in all and got home in under 3 hours.

Hope you like the photos.

Long and open straight roads

Blur camera effect. The mirrors got blurred out too

Solo of the Therapist


Timer with the camera mounted on the gorillapod
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