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Pro Skateboarder Ryan Sheckler likes motorcycles and cars almost as much as he likes skateboards. That is proven by his collection of motorized vehicles. He also likes to customize his rides. Take a look at his Harley-Davidson which was customized by Roland Sands.

Let's start out by pointing out that the bike already had a plethora of RSD bolt-on parts, so things could only get better from there. Roland Sands changed up the exhaust first. Ryan Sheckler's bike had been equipped with the RSD High Tracker system, but it looks like the bike was a tad too "scrambler", with the straight horizontal headers.

New exhaust lines were crafted with an updated design which goes around the engine and they now end with a RSD Slanted Carbon silencer, for more clearance through the bends.

A pair of Rockerbox Covers was also installed in place of the old ones and have become a nifty complement for the other existing machined parts. Another custom accessory that makes perfect sense for Sheckler is the addition of a skateboard rack.

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