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This is my 2016 750 with stock bars. My saddle was customized by John Longo. One of the changes was raising the seat height. My goal was to get my riding position to cop posture. I felt my bars could use some pull back. The Rox risers got this done with having to change the bars.
First, the modified cable routing - Left side, getting the clutch switch pulled inside the steering stem. I put a 1" size shrink tubing around the connectors. I pulled out the turn signal connector wires to get enough length.
Right side, I pulled the brake light wire behind the steering stem to gain some slack. I disconnected the fastener clips on the front brake line. I routed it straight over the turn signal. I had to pull some of the extra length of wiring of the 12v utility socket out a bit to get some slack. I disconnected the tach wiring and removed it.
The Beeline navigator has no wires. It connects to my iPhone via Bluetooth.
The pics from the side show that my set up is not about creating rise...it's about getting some pull back.
I adjusted and re-attached my Slip-streamer windscreen. While it was off, I installed my B4 LED headlight from superbrightLEDs. On the left side, I kept the Gerbings heat controller and my Ram Mount iPhone mount.
I bought a discounted Deluxe 2" Pivoting Bar Risers for 7/8" (BLEM) for $50.00 + $8.95 shipping. That's about 1/2 price. I got the machine finish. It was the only ones they had. They look fantastic. I looked at them for a blemish. If you turn them around in the light, it looks like a small amount of swirl in the machining. Unless you're looking and you're really picky, you can't see anything but great looking risers.

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Doesn’t that brushed Aluminium looks beautiful. I had the same and now have to moved to 3.5 inch risers + additional one inch top up from Rox ( they do have brushed Aluminium options for these). Rox products are brilliant built and fit.


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