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Let's start and ongoing event, Scavenger Hunt. This is an idea I have seen on another forum, and it seemed like a lot of fun if enough people participate. We all like to ride and sometimes this will give you a reason to get out and get some wind therapy. The basic idea is this; while riding find certain objects or signs or whatever to take a pic of your bike in front of. Your bike has to be in the pic as well as whatever the specified object is. The first person to post the specified pic wins that round and gets to choose the next object. The object chosen can be as hard or easy to find as you like, as long as you can put a bike in front of it. Here's the first object :

Your bike in front of a park sign, can be city, county, state or national park. Who's going to get it.
Don't forget to choose another object if you win!

Here's a sample, challenge was your bike in front of a historical cemetery.

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