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Slip-on install D.I.Y.

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This is for those who are a bit trepidatious about swapping a slip-on. Just to help ease you in to just how simple it really is.

Tools needed:
14MM wrench (could use an extended 14MM socket and ratchet, but no need)
13MM wrench
flat head screw driver

Step 1: With the bike cool, locate the hardware holding the slip on to the catalytic converter (14mm nut on a heavy duty clamp/picture one) and the hardware holding the slip on to the bike (two nuts and bolts on the inside that mount to the slip on 13mm/picture two).

Step 2: Locate the small banjo clamp with the flathead screw cap next to the slip on clamp. This is for your cat's heat shield. (Visible in picture one) There is a second clamp in front of the catalytic converter (picture 3).

Step 3: Take your 14mm wrench (or socket and ratchet is you are so inclined) and loosen the large banjo clamp. You will be pulling the wrench towards your body to loosen it enough that the nut is completely backed off but you don't need to remove it from the clamp. (picture 4)

Step 4: Take your flat head screw driver and loosen both of the clamps for the heat shield. Make sure you open the rearward most clamp completely so that you can remove the clamp in front of it. Just loosen the front clamp enough that you can slide the eat shield forward and out of your way. (picture 5)

Step 5: Take your 13mm wrench and remove both of the nuts that hold the slip on to the mounting bracket. You will be pushing the wrench towards the back of the bike to loosen the nuts) There are washers behind the nuts, be sure to gather those as well. Don't worry, the slip on will not fall off.

Step 6: You're now ready to remove your slip on. To do so without sliding the bike around (my driveway is on an incline and I was working by myself) I leaned over the bike and held it in place with my body weight while wiggling the slip on and pulling it towards the back of the bike. A little bit of force is needed, but it's not that bad. Be sure that once you move so far that you pull the slip on away from the bike as well so the mounting bolts don't prevent you from removing the slip on. (picture 6)

Step 7: Remove the mounting bolts and set them aside.

Step 8: Using the flat head screw driver to open the the clamp on the slip on, open it past the bolt and slide it off the slip on. (picture 7)

Step 9: Install the clamp from the stock slip on on to your new slip on. (mine required me to open it slightly as is slid it on, yours may or may not/picture 8)

Step 10: Install the mounting bolts in to the recess on the new slip on. (picture 9)

Step 11: Slide the new slip on on to the catalytic converter and while supporting it with one hand, align the bolts up and start the nuts with the washers in between them.

Step 12: Make sure the new slip on is aligned all the way forward on the catalytic converter and tighten down the clamp using the 14mm wrench (or ratchet and socket). Ensure it is nice and tight, using loc-tite if you wish. (picture 10)


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Step 13: Tighten both of the nuts that hold the slip on to the mounting bracket. Again, use loc-tite if you wish.

Step 14: Position the catalytic converter heat guard and tighten the front banjo clamp to hold it in place while you position the back clamp.

Step 15: Compare your new slip on to your stock slip on. Go ahead and double check that you tightened all bolts and clamps now. (Picture 11)

Step 16: Start the bike and listen for any leaks. Once it has warmed up, take her for a spin.

Step 17: After adding a few miles on the bike in a "shake down" run, double check that all fasteners are nice and tight still.

I hope that this will help set those with any doubts at ease. It really is quite simple and takes about 30 minutes so long as you don't have to stop for a storm like I did.


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wow, great post and a fine job describing the process and the pictures really shows the detail...awesome job sir!
Can I also add... CLEAN THE EXHAUST BEFORE STARTING THE BIKE ... so the oil from your hands doesn't burn in permanent spots onto the muffler.
Great write up! Thank you!
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Good point. I automatically wipe new parts off after installing them from habit, but some may not think to.
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Thank You for a GREAT write up.

Now if only someone would provide a clue as to HOW to remove the metal clips holding the stock headlight assembly to the housing piece. Trying to replace the headlight with a "Daymaker" assembly but cannot get the metal clips off the original unit.

Thanks again.


Just uploaded a "How to Install" video on our website and Youtube. This is one shot, no editing so you can see it is a pretty quick install.
A Mallet and a piece of wood helps with stubborn mufflers.
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