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Sneak peak at 2017 Street 750/500 Info/Options

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I managed to get a photo from my dealerships only 2017 product brochure. I took the pic with my smart phone so you may need to expand the pic to read it. This year ABS brakes is an Option and not standard equipment along with an alarm system. When I looked in the Catalog, I could see that Harley has been paying attention to this forum as to the new products being offered up.


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I sat on one..it sits higher than the street and has foot protection on the exhaust.
As I recall, the Street Rod has bigger wheels and thus more ground clearance and a higher seat height.
I'm digging the foot protection on the exhaust. I'd love to have that on my bike as keep winding up with a boot heel on the exhaust quite often.
I test rode one about a month back, just a short ride as id come in my car and dindt have my helmet with me, and the delaership only has these bowl helmets that keep trying to fly off my head.

I really went to check out the brakes to see if i could get an upgrade or something, os most of my concentration was on that.

The braking on the street Rod is fab!! Stops on a dime, great feel and progression esp when compared to the 15' street whose brakes are made of sawdust.

Did not like the new ride position at all, felt even more cramped than before, my feet felt like they were really in the wrong place all the time.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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