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im not goot at english.. plz understand

im street750 (2016) rider in korea
and i want to change my air filter
this filter is vance&hines vo2air intake
but i cant馃槩 i cant find youtube or video
There is no information about the method of installation.
plz check my pic and tell me some.. thanks

only one hose connecting is finish?
I'd like to know if I should make it look like the original to use the pure parts that you see here.

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We have a number of international members of this forum. When somebody posts and is having language barrier issues I try to run my response through Google Translate. I don't know how good a job it does, but it's certainly better than my trying to use an English-Korean dictionary. The original poster may want to type the text from the instructions that Botty linked to through the translator to see if that helps.

鞚 韽熂鞐愲姅 雼れ垬鞚 甑牅 須岇洂鞚 鞛堨姷雼堧嫟. 雸勱蛋臧臧 瓴岇嫓頃橁碃 鞏胳柎 鞛ル步 氍胳牅臧 氚滌儩頃橂┐ https://translate.google.com鞚 韱淀暣 鞚戨嫷鞚 鞁ろ枆頃橂牑瓿犿暕雼堧嫟. 鞚检澊 鞏茧雮 鞛橂悩電旍 氇ゴ瓴犾毵 鞓侅柎-頃滉淡鞏 靷爠鞚 靷毄頃橂姅 瓴冸炒雼 頇曥嫟頌 雮姷雼堧嫟. 鞗愲灅 韽姢韯半姅 Botty臧 氩堨棴旮半ゼ 韱淀暣 鞐瓣舶霅 歆旃潣 韰嶌姢韸鸽ゼ 鞛呺牓頃橃棳 霃勳泙鞚措悩電旍 頇曥澑頃 靾 鞛堨姷雼堧嫟.

i poleom-eneun dasuui gugje hoewon-i issseubnida. nugungaga gesihago eon-eo jangbyeog munjega balsaenghamyeon https://translate.google.com-eul tonghae eungdab-eul silhaenghalyeogohabnida. il-i eolmana jaldoeneunji moleugessjiman yeong-eo-hangug-eo sajeon-eul sayonghaneun geosboda hwagsilhi nas-seubnida. wonlae poseuteoneun Bottyga beon-yeoggileul tonghae yeongyeoldoen jichim-ui tegseuteuleul iblyeoghayeo doum-idoeneunji hwag-inhal su issseubnida.
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