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Hello everybody. I noticed if you go on the Harley Davidson company web page you will now see the Sportster line is no longer listed. Instead, the Street line includes what used to be all the Sportsters. I wonder if this is a prelude to an engine change for the water cooled Revolution engine going into all Sportsters? If so then maybe a larger displacement engine is planned, which might also be in the works for our future XG750 and XG750A bikes?

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Harley appears to be using the Iron name in stead of Sportster. The Evolution engine is the future for street bikes. From HD website:


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I think you are both over thinking this. My guess is there was a new webmaster or marketing exec that just wanted to make his mark on things.

The H-D website used to group bikes by frame type. There was a page dedicated to each of the Street, Sportster, Softail, and Touring families with all bikes on each page built on the same frame. All was right with the world.

Not long ago, I'm thinking it was right before the last CEO was fired, the site got reorganized. Bikes are now grouped by function rather than by frame:
  • Street - Bikes deemed suitable only for knocking around town in the eyes of H-D. Those are the Street and Sportster families. The word "Sportster" has mostly been purged from these pages.
  • Cruiser - Most Softails were deemed suitable for day tripping and grouped together. This is the only new grouping in which all members share a common frame.
  • Touring - Bikes H-D deems worthy of taking on a road trip, including the Softail Heritage Classic and those built on the Touring frame.
It's not a change that I like, but somebody in H-D marketing probably got a new title and pay raise out of it. If there is justice they got let go in The Rewire.

Some of this may have had to do with multiple parts of the More Roads to H-D plan:
  • H-D is/was planning on making more styles of bikes than they have for the past couple of decades. This was to include ADV bikes, power cruisers, naked sports bike, and probably full on sport bikes. Sorting the bikes out by function rather than frame starts to make sense once that happens, but not until. Except for the Pan America ADV tourer and Custom 1250, those plans have been put on hold or cancelled as part of The Rewire.
  • The original announcement of the Revolution Max engine stated that it was to be built in 500, 750, 975, 1250cc displacements. This tidbit was mostly overlooked as it was just a line item in the announcements of the Pan America, Bronx, and Custom 1250. With Sportster being the only line to have not been recently revamped and the Street family a lackluster seller, it seems obvious to me that the idea was to replace both families with new bikes powered by the Revolution Max engine.
My guess is that the Street and Sportster families will inevitably get assimilated into the Revolution Max line of bikes, but The Rewire is going to postpone that a couple of years. Until that time the H-D website reorganization is just confusing.
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